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Coca Cola creates Bio Cooler

By Treat Night In: Invention 14th May 2015 No Comments
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Aipir, Colombia, the heat can make the temperature reach as high as 45ºC (113ºF). It is such a remote place that few of the people who live there have electricity. Cooling drinks is therefore just not possible. Coca Cola teamed up with Leo Burnett Colombia advertising agency and the International Physics Centre in Bogota and a “Bio Cooler” as they name it was born. A self contained cooler that runs without the use of electricity.

The design for the cooler works with two methods.

1. The cooler has two chambers, the top chamber exposed to the heat has plants and soil in it. When the plants are watered the heat of the sun evaporates the water which causes a cooling effect in the chamber below.

2. A mirror is placed in the cooler which directs the heat from the sun. The directed heat is used to convert a gas into a liquid state which creates a looking effect. The cooling effect is circulated around the chamber the cans are kept.


What an amazing idea to allow the local residents to enjoy a nice cold drink as they work in the scorching sun. See the video below.

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